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(WIND)SURF on The Voluntary Wave II - Voluntariado Corto en Bélgica

Buscamos a 12 jóvenes (18-30 años - residentes Islas Canarias) para asistir a personas con diversidad funcional en un campo de verano de WINDSURF en Bélgica durante la "European Surf Week".

duración: 19-08-2019 hasta 03-09-2019

fecha límite: 01-06-2019



The European surf week is held every year during the last week of August in the Sports Flanders Center in Willebroek. This center is characterized by an internationally known rowing pond and is fully focused on water sports. During their stay at the Sports Flanders Center, the volunteers will assist disabled people (people with mental and/or physical handicap and deaf-mute people) while they're participating in a wind-surf course. The participants' level in this sports camp is very varied from beginners to advanced surfers and each volunteer will be linked to a participant trying to create a good match between them.

They will be guided all the time by professional trainers that will explain them what to do and how to do it. It is a daily work from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm. The volunteers will also help the participants in their daily care like showering, putting on clothes,... and will participate in the daily evening activities.

Volunteer profile

The main activity is assisting the participants of the surfing week during the activities in and off the water and live an intercultural experience in Belgium. We are looking for motivated people with an interest for social work who are passionate about sport. The volunteers don't need to have surfing or windsurfing experience, but it will be positively taken into account.

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