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Voluntariado Europeo en Vilnius, Lituania - The Blessed J. Matulaitis social center


Fecha límite: 14/07/2019

Duración: 01/09/2019 - 26/05/2020


The Blessed J. Matulaitis social center's purpose is to provide social assistance to take care of human dignity and the rights of defense. Social center operates on the basis of the Catholic Church 's social doctrine, combining professional social assistance, social community initiative and community organizing.


• Exploring community resources to identify the most important social needs and provide social services to various community audiences;

• Encourage citizens to solve their problems , helping them to develop self-help and cooperation;

• Encourage people to share their available resources , to create conditions for getting involved in volunteering and support the parish social initiatives

• Taking care of social workers and volunteers in the field of training, personal development and competence development in the subject ;

• Pursuing the parish in the social support inter-institutional cooperation ;

• Promote citizenship and strengthen the non-governmental sector.


DAY CARE CENTER CHILDREN TO CHILDREN - provide help for children in difficulty younger than 13 years old and their parents.

TRANSIT GROUP - provide help for children in difficulty 12-14 years old and their families.

SPRINGBOARD - a long-term program for youth in difficulty of 14-20 years old.

SOFKĖ - street work with youth.

OPEN COMMUNITY - inclusive social support for people with mental and multiple disabilities and their families.

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