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Voluntariado Europeo en Ucrania - Derechos Humanos, Diversidad y Tolerancia

El "Society Initiative Institute" en Lviv, Ucrania busca Voluntarixs Europexs para sensibilizar a jóvenes sobre derechos humanos, diversidad y tolerancia

duración: 02-08-2019 hasta 31-07-2020


fecha límite: 05-01-2019


The project is dedicated to raising awareness of young people on the topics of human rights, diversity and tolerance through using media as a tool to work with above mentioned topics. Volunteers will be involved in the next activities:

- No Hate Speech Initiative in 2 schools of Lviv for 12-16 years old students

- Media club - series of meetings for media education, where young people also learn photography, videomaking and videoediting and basics of design to create media pieces on the topics of social importance.

- Raising awareness campaigns (both online and offline) on the Human Rights issues dedicated to United Nations International Days; English-speaking club on Human Rights for young people 16+ years old;

Volunteers own initiative - work on implementation personal of projects. As an example of the activities there is the video of the project realized in the last EVS project

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