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Voluntariado Europeo en Suecia - tres Centros de la Juventud


Tres centros de la juventud en Borås de Suecia buscan 6 voluntari@s por apoyar las actividades para los jovenes.

duración: 04/09/2019 to 04/09/2020

fecha límite: 30/05/2019



1 project - 3 youth centres - 6 volunteers

1. Dalsjöfors and Fristad youth centres are located in the countryside of Borås. They are a natural meeting place for the youths in the areas, which means that the atmosphere is welcoming and warm. They offer activities for youth aged 10-18 with focus on ages 14-16.

2. Norrbyhuset is an activity house located in a neighbourhood of Borås open to all ages, from children to adults. It contains a library, a café, an arena with stage, a music room, a project room and a workshop room. In the house you will find activities such as citizen service, language café, homework help and activities for youth.

3. Brygghuset is an activity house for young adults aged 16-29 . It contains a café, a music studio, dance spaces, an open stage, cinema and meeting rooms. In the house you will find activities such as leadership training for young adults, music and movie production, poetry evenings, concerts, etc.


The volunteers will live in a shared accommodation where they have their own room. They will be provided with monthly pocket/food and bus card.


-on-arrival training, mid-term training, and internal trainings (violence prevention, summer activities, etc)


We look for volunteers who have a genuine interest in working with young people and who feel comfortable in social environments. We think that you are social, creative and willing to work in a team. Send your CV + a motivation letter stating why you want to participant in OUR PROJECT, as well as information about your sending organisation. We will get back to suitable candidate for a Skype call in the upcoming weeks. (Make sure that you are registered to Solidarity corps and send us your reference number)

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