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Voluntariado Europeo en Suecia - Centro de Juventud


Buscamos a 2 voluntari@s para apoyar las actividades de los Centros juveniles en Dalsjöfors y Fristad en Suecia.

duración: 4th September 2019 – 4th September 2020

fecha límite: 22/04/2019


We are looking for 2 volunteers from Programme Countries to join our upcoming ESC project located in Dalsjöfors and Fristad youth centres.

Dalsjöfors and Fristad youth centres are located in the countryside of Borås municipality. They are a natural meeting place for the youths in the areas, which means that the atmosphere is welcoming and warm. They can be reached by bus (bus card is provided by the organisation). They offer activities for youth aged 10-18 with focus on ages 14-16.

It is the first time that we start an ESC project there, so there are many opportunities for the volunteers to develop their own projects or activities based on their interests. Besides working in the youth centre, the volunteers will have the mission of promoting ESC and Erasmus+ to young people in Borås through organising events and activities, visiting schools and writing on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr).

We think this project suits volunteers that enjoy spending time with young people and have a playful attitude. We think that you enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature (forest, lakes) and that you like using your creativity to organise activities for and with youth. This is a project for those who like getting their hands dirty!

The Hosting Organisation, Borås Stad, is a Swedish municipality with a lot of experience in hosting volunteers. We have several ongoing projects around the city and you will be a part of a fun crew of ESC volunteers. Take a look at our blog or our Facebook page EVS i Borås.

Deadline for application is 22nd April.

Looking forward to find our new team members!

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