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Voluntariado Europeo en Polonia - Kindergarten


"Nursery school / kindergarten" de Gdynia en Polonia busca voluntari@s para ayudar a niños sanos y discapacitados en el proceso de desarrollo y también a la preparación para la escuela primaria.

duración: 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2020

fecha límite: 16/06/2019



The main aim of the Nursery School /Kindergarten is to help healthy and disabled children in development process of the proper relations with the world, development of their identity and high self-esteem and also preparation to the primary school. We run 5 groups of children in the same age. In some of the groups there are children with disabilities or other adjudications.


The candidate for the volunteer should like children and catch easily contact with them. It is important that the person is open and cheerful, as children feel well in such company. We expect active and resourceful candidates. Extra advantage is if the volunteer is interested in pedagogy and is willing to exchange the opinions, methods and technics. We accept volunteers from all the EU as well as Eeastern Europe and Caucasus Countries.

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