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Voluntariado Europeo en Polonia - Festival Internacional de Folk


Voluntariado Europeo Corto en Kleszczele, Polonia con “Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne Pocztówka”” donde lxs voluntarixs tocarán música tradicional de diferentes países y participarán en numerosos talleres de actuación, canto y trabajo en equipo.

duración: 10-06-2019 hasta 10-08-2019

fecha límite: 31-03-2019



“Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne Pocztówka” is looking for 5 musicians to create an FOLK INTERNATIONAL MUSIC PERFORMANCE. The volunteers will play traditional music from different countries, participate in other presentations and participate in numerous workshops on voice, acting, singing and teamwork. We want to find people with initiative that generate their own ideas and we will do everything possible to join them in the good team.

What we need from you:

- You sing and/or play instrument, which you can take with you. (If you write music, please send us the audio).

- You are interested in folk (ethno) music, but also open to experiments.

- You have some experience in acting or public speaking.

- It’s desirable to have improvisation skills. Record a video of up to 3 minutes of you singing or playing a popular song in front of the camera.

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