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Voluntariado Europeo en Países Bajos - trabajo sostenible en una granja neerlandesa

La organización SIW está buscando 2 voluntarios europeos para su proyecto de larga duración para aprender más sobre la rutina de una granja que lleva una vida cotidiana sostenible y elabora productos orgánicos.

duración: 01-03-2020 hasta 01-03-2021

fecha límite: 15-02-2020


This project aims to raise awareness of what life is like on an organic dairy farm, and to share knowledge on important sustainable organic farming practices, and homemade farming products, with ESC volunteers and members of the wider community. During this project, activities include both standard farm related work as well as cultural activities. Farm work involves, among other things, helping with the milking of cows, taking care of cattle, maintenance of farmland, and creating organic food products like cheese or yoghurt; while cultural activities involve selling locally produced organic food products in the shop onsite, promoting the shop and its products, and creating awareness about the increasing importance of organic farm products. A further cultural activity includes the maintenance of an educational walking route that was established on the farm a couple of years ago. Apart from these activities, the volunteers are also welcomed to act on their own ideas about how the shop, educational walking route, or the farm's appearance, could be improved. Farmer Koos and his family have many successful years of working with ESC volunteers, and are passionate about giving foreign youth the opportunity to experience Dutch culture in an intimate and educational way. This project is for two volunteers, and they will share accommodation on the property.

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