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Voluntariado Europeo en Francia - Centro Cultural y Ecológico "Les Ateliers"

Voluntariado Europeo en "Les Ateliers", un centro que ofrece talleres culturales y ecológicos en Castres, Francia.

duración: 01-02-2019 hasta 31-01-2020


fecha límite: 15-01-2019


The center "Les Ateliers" is located in a renovated factory of 4000m² in Castres, in the south of Tarn, 70 km from Toulouse. It combines offices, co-working space, shops, restaurant, upcycling / recycling workshop organizes events. This gathering of structures within this same site reinforces their visibility.

We also host various workshops: yoga, tap dancing, meditation, etc ... We propose a cultural offer every thursdays and fridays: concerts, debates, shows, slam sessions, citizen coffee, sign language evening.


work in the market-recycling flow: renovation and creation of furniture from recycled elements. Work with various materials: wood, metal, fabrics, etc ... -

Participation in the bike workshop

Participation in cultural evenings: reception of the artists, communication on the events, bar service and indoor.

Learning opportunities: organizational, self-confidence, teamwork - Possibility to develop a personal project within a framework defined by the committee

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