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Voluntariado Europeo en Eslovenia - dos centros de juventud


Los centros de juventud en Piran y Lucija de Eslovenia buscan voluntari@s que deseen ayudar en la creación del programa diario para l@s jóvenes.

duración: 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2020

fecha límite: 31/05/2019



Športni in mladinski center Piran, Mladinski EPI center Piran is a youth center, established by the municipality of Piran. The center operates in two locations in the slovenian coast - in Piran and in Lucija. The youth center aims to provide young people living or going to school in the Municipality of Piran with the following:

● a safe place where they can spend their free time

● organized extracurricular activities (theatre, language clubs, arts etc.)

● support and guidance

● help with homework and studying

● international youth exchanges

● volunteering opportunities

● career orientation activities and more.

Both youth centers are open from Monday to Friday in the afternoon (except on public holidays). During the summer (and other school holidays), we organize activities for children aged 6 to 10 years old in the form of a «day camp».


The volunteers will live in a student residence in Portorož that functions as a hostel in the summer. During the school year each volunteer will have their own room (sharing the bathroom with 3 other students and a small kitchen for the whole floor). During the summer (July, August) the volunteer might need to share a room with another volunteer/student (depending on the occupancy of the residence).

Each volutnteer will:

- receive 9,5 EUR per day for food expenses and pocket money

- be registered for the group insurance scheme CIGNA

- be reimbursed for travel costs …


YOUTH WORKER: Highly motivated young people that would like to work with young people and children (aged 7 - 29), and would like to help in creating the daily programme of our youth center (socialising with users, playing sports and board games, helping kids with their homework, leading a language club, planning smaller events, promoting Erasmus + & ESC projects, taking photos, publishing updates on Facebook and Instagram …).

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