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Voluntariado Europeo en Bulgaria - Centro de Juventud Ruse

Asociación "Inspiration" y el Centro de Juventud Municipal de Ruse, Bulgaria buscan 2 voluntarixs para organisar actividades, talleres, deporte, ... con jóvenes locales.

duración: 01-03-2019 hasta 30-10-2019


fecha límite: 15-01-2019


Association "Inspiration" in partnership with Municipal Youth Centre Ruse is looking for 2 motivated volunteers for an approved EVS project to work with young people in Ruse, Bulgaria through organizing free time activities, like workshops, sport events etc. and supporting and presenting the daily activities of the Municipal Youth Centre of Ruse.

Some of the tasks of the volunteers will be:

- Information and promotion the youth activities for young people in the region.

- Information and promotion the volunteering, ESC and Erasmus + Programm in schools, NGO and in front of the young people in Ruse and the region, organizing information meetings and events for promoting volunteering.

- Language café – language exchange club with the local young people in the native language of the volunteers.

- Participating in events and projects organizing by the Youth Centre

- Supporting youth initiatives, festivals, cultural and sport events for the young people in Ruse. - Supporting Erasmus + Projects. • Volunteer have to develop his/her own project

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