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Voluntariado Europeo en Alemania - festival para documentales creativos y animaciones


“DOK Leipzig” es el mayor festival alemán y el segundo más grande en Europa para documentales creativos, animaciones y obras interactivas. El futuro voluntari@ obtendrá primero una introducción a todas las áreas del Festival y recibirá una visión general y una visión general.

duración: 01/04/2020 to 31/12/2020

fecha límite: 30/05/2019



DOK Leipzig is the largest German and second largest European festival for creative documentary films, animations and interactive works. The future volunteer will get first an introduction into all areas of the Festival and receive a general insight and overview. In addition, the volunteer will be introduced into the technical processes, communication, socialmedia.The volunteer will work in the field of coordination for the DOK-festival. As volunteer you will get to know the whole preparation and organisation process of the festival during the EVS and work active in it. You will NOT make films. The tasks are within the organisation of the festival. The tasks of the programme working field are: support the film entry process, transfer films into the database, research and request film entries, communication with film makers, support the coordination of cooperations, support the coordination of cooperations, support the coordination of Q&A and additional programme events.


We are sending, hosting and coordinating organisation for European Voluntary Service in Leipzig. We have different hosting organisations in Leipzig and offer EVS places every year. Our volunteers live in shared flats. Everybody has an own room and share bathroom and kitchen. The flats are full equipped and have internet connection. During the EVS, volunteers get budget for food, transportation and pocket money.


During the EVS: the volunteer receive a basic language training of some kind (not always an official course), also other training needed to carry out agreed tasks and the volunteer attend the On-Arrival training and Mid-term seminar offered by NA. In addition, there will be realised several project days towards topics of solidarity in europe / participation / social projects for all EVS volunteers. The volunteers have to take part, learn and to realise an own social idea. They should also inform about social project in their homecountry and present it to the others.


Potential volunteers should be interested in documentary and animated film movies and should bring enthusiasm for films but also a sense for technics / working at the computer, communication and public relations. Furthermore, very good knowledge of English and basic knowledge of the German language is important (office languages are German and English, all staff speak English).

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