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Voluntariado Europeo en Alemania - Centro de Circo Social

Voluntariado Europeo en el "Aktions- und Zirkusbüro" en Karlsruhe, Alemania que ofrece actividades pedagógicas con circo y otros deportes alternativos.

duración: 01-05-2019 hasta 30-04-2020


fecha límite: 11-01-2019


The “Aktions- und Zirkusbüro” develops and creates circus pedagogical offers, participation projects, events as well as actions on the big areal in the Otto-Dullenkopf-Park which is situated at the southeastern part of the city Karlsruhe. On the areal of the “Aktions- and Zirkusbüro” innovative possibilities are offered. Children and youngsters with or without special needs as well as educated athletes, musicians or artists are invited to try themselves out within the topics sports, arts or culture. Big and small circus tents, different site caravans and small frame houses are part of the circus areal. An area for parcours, dirtbiketrails and a beach volley court, a fireplace, patches, a clay oven, a play yard – all these are parts of the terrain. The infrastructure offers many possibilities for projects and events for various age bands.

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