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Voluntariado Europeo en Alemania - Centro de Aprendizaje Intercultural


“InterCultur” en Hamburg, Alemania busca voluntarixs europexs para apoyar en ofrecer cursos, seminarios y asesoramientos interculturales a asociaciones y empresas.

duración: 28-08-2019 hasta 27-08-2020

fecha límite: 17-05-2019


Project description

InterCultur offers trainings, seminars and consultation for educational facilities, organizations and companies which feel the need to improve and develop their intercultural skills. It is a a subsidiary company of AFS Germany. The work is based on experience-oriented learning in the form of case studies, group discussions, working in small groups or role play. Seven employees and approx. 50 qualified freelancer who perform workshops and trainings work for Intercultur. Tasks for volunteers may include organizing international summer programs, participate in the conception of new training topics or assist in preparation and performance of intercultural trainings. Volunteers may also be asked to do administrative tasks.

Volunteer profile

You should:

• ideally have international experience (e.g. school, study or work abroad)

• possess good knowledge of the German and English language

• be interested in working with youths on a multinational level

• be able to manage multiple priorities

• have organizational skills, an enthusiastic personality and ideally prior knowledge in the field of intercultural trainings

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