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Voluntariado Europeo corto en Reino Unido - Centro Intercultural


El “ASHA Centre” de Forest of Dean en Reino Unido es un centro para actividades interculturales, que ofrece una variedad de programas educativos y medioambientales durante todo el año. Buscamos voluntari@s para asistir en todas las actividades diarias y en eventos interculturales.

duración: 12.08.2019 - 23.09.2019

fecha límite: 17.05.2019


Volunteer Profile:

age 18-30, proactive, reliable and responsible, interested in sustainable/healthy lifestyle and intercultural/interfaith community living, personal and social development, flexible, entrepreneurial, sociable, open to learn and participate in all hands-on activities.

Main Tasks:

- Kitchen assistance: Cooking, serving and food shopping

- Housekeeping and estate maintenance

- Hospitality of guests and groups

- Biodynamic gardening

- Office assistance (helping with logistics and Erasmus+ projects)

- Cultural and artistic events/outings/projects organisation

- Local community engagement (in rural English countryside)

Financial details:

Project funding covers accommodation, food, utilities, local transport and health insurance. Please make sure you have an updated EU Health Card.

Travel Costs:

Canary Island has a maximum total of 360€ for arrival and departure each volunteer. If travel costs are higher, the volunteer shall cover the difference.

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