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Voluntariado Europeo corto en Bulgaria - HERBS Festival

Buscamos voluntari@s interesad@s en organizar y apoyar el festival “HERBS Festival” en Mladen, Bulgaria.

duración: 10/06/2019 to 25/06/2019

fecha límite: 20/05/2019



In this ESC project you will:

• form 5 thematic volunteering teams:

- Media coverage /FB maintenance, press-releases, brochures, presentations/

- Photo and video making

- Physio tonic /daily physical exercises and fun activities, work with children/

- Art workshops organisation

- Herbs lovers /Collecting herbs, making teabags, etc./

• prepare for and take part in the HERBS Festival and supporting activities.

• do handicraft work with natural materials;

• learn about local cuisine, herbs and spices;

• create promotional materials for prevention of the pollution;

• do community service volunteering work

- leaving something useful and creative behind to leave a motivating message to the local people and future young participants in next youth projects;

• share volunteering experiences with local youth;

• organize non-formal intercultural events for the local youths and seniors;

• Promote ESC and Erasmus+ programme.


Accommodation: You will be accommodated together with other volunteers in local families in the village of Mladen, within a walking distance from the office and all project locations. You will sleep in shared rooms with separate beds. Food: You will have to cook your own meals in the house kitchen. Each volunteer will get money for food and pocket money. Travel costs reimbursement: The rules of the Programme Distance Calculator are applied. Actual travel costs are reimbursed to participants on providing valid original boarding passes, tickets and payment receipts.


Volunteers will:

- obtain knowledge in herbs recognition, collection and use;

- improve video and photo skills

- elaborate promo material

- master English language skills

- plan, organize and report various events

- develop presentation skills

- master their intercultural awareness and communication


Volunteers must be:

• between18-30 years old;

• nature lovers and sensitive to environmental issues;

• sociable and ready to work with different age groups;

• Ready to make presentations for the locals;

• creative – organize various art workshops with applied arts tools;

• Have some knowledge to make visual promotional materials;

• able to communicate in English;

• in good health and physical shape for outdoor activities;

• positive and open minded;

• ready to share a room with other volunteers;

• good ICT skills for video team required;

• ready to work with different age groups;

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