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Voluntariado en Portugal - Cruz Roja

En Vila de Cucujães, un pueblo rural en el norte de Portugal, Cruz Roja organiza un voluntariado de 6 meses en que puedes apoyar en actividades en la casa de juventud, el banco de alimentos, centro de mayores y el centro para personas con adicciones.

duración: 01.03.2022 - 30.09.2022

más info:

fecha límite: 20.01.2022


The volunteering project will take place in a Local Branch of the Portuguese Red Cross, based at the small rural village of Vila de Cucujães (in the North Region of Portugal). The humanitarian organisation develops various projects for different target groups in order to answer to vulnerable people's basic needs and promote social inclusion.

Volunteers will collaborate in: Food Bank (includes picking up and transporting food donations, storing, and organising food supplies, and then distributing them to families and individuals in need); Social Store (doing the triage, organising clothing, shoes, and toys donations to be distributed to people in need or to be sold at our Social Store); the Elderly Nursing Home; the Center for people recovering from addictions; the "Active Mix" (which is a group of people with disabilities that come together to dance, make arts and crafts, and other leisure time activities); a Youth Summercamp with children in Summer; among many others tasks.

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