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Voluntariado en Eslovaquia - Centro de Actividades para Personas con Discapacidad

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Con Inex Slovakia organizarás actividades de ocio y tiempo libre para personas con discapacidad y harás promoción para el Voluntariado Europeo en Bratislava, Eslovaquia.

duración: 01.02.2020 hasta 21.12.2020

fecha límite: 04.10.2019


During the project, the volunteers will be helping us with the office work, they will lead a workcamp in Slovakia, organize free time activities for the people with disabilities and they will have chance to develop their own workshop according to their initiative and interest. Activities:

1.organising Tea meetings for our volunteers

2. Becoming the co-leader on the workcamps in Slovakia

3. Creating workshop

4. Administrative work

5. Promotion of volunteering

6. Participation on our trainings

7. Organising free time activities for people with disabilities


Are you.... 1. responsible, flexible and tolerant ? 2. focused on working with youth? 3.creative and ready to take initiative? 4. passionate about volunteering? 5. interested in workcamps? 6. positive and open-minded person?

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