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Voluntariado en Dinamarca - Guardería en Área Rural

imagen: The Copenhagen Post

La asociación Børnehuset busca voluntarios/-as para ayudar en una guardería en Borris, Dinamarca. El voluntario/-a apoyará en todas las actividades y en la promoción del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad.

duración: 15-08-2020 hasta 15-05-2021

fecha límite: 10-11-2019


Børnehuset believes that the volunteer position at our institution offers the volunteer the opportunity to learn about Danish kindergartens and the philosophy on which their activities are based. The volunteer will also study the new trend towards focusing on physical activities as a mean to children’s development. Being based in a small town, the placement also offers the volunteer the possibility of learning about life conditions in countryside Denmark. The volunteer is very welcome to make his/her own activities with the children, and we will do our best to help and support the volunteer so that the ESC-stay with us will meet his/her expectations.

Examples of activities in the kindergarten:

• Carrying out a wide range of outdoor natural/physical activities

• Spending time in nature, go on walks and doing other activities related to nature

• Doing indoor activities when weather requires it

The volunteer will stay with a local Danish host family and will be expected to become part of the family and as such take part in the activities and responsibilities in the family.

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