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Voluntariado en Belfast, Reino Unido - Womens' Aid


Buscamos por 2 voluntarias para enviarlas a Belfast en Reino Unido donde podrán apoyar las mujeres y los niños en Refuges.

Duración : total of 54 week(s) during the period 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2020

Fecha límite: 07/07/2019



The Erasmus+ volunteers will be based in 2 different Refuges (1 in Belfast, 1 in Lisburn), which provide safe accommodation for women and children who have suffered domestic violence. The volunteer activities will focus on the children, helping to provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for them. Most of the E+ volunteers' tasks will be based in the Refuge Playrooms, playing with the children and contributing to new ideas for regular or seasonal activities. The volunteers will also regularly help in the Creche and there will also be group work with children and young people. There may be a possibility to work with the women later in the placement, but this is NOT guaranteed. Volunteers will live in shared accommodation with E+ volunteers from different projects. The shared houses are in South and East Belfast and the volunteers will travel daily to the Refuge or creche. Sending Organisations for this project have already been identified.


Volunteers will live in shared houses in Belfast, will have their own bedrooms and will share kitchen, living room and bathroom space. They will receive a bike and if necessary will have public transport costs covered for the North Belfast (bus) and Lisburn (train) Refuges. Volunteers will receive pocket money and money for food each week.


Volunteers will receive induction and orientation training on arrival, both generic and specific to Belfast and Lisburn Women's Aid. They will receive an organisational Volunteer Induction plus training in Child Protection and in other relevant training. Belfast and Lisburn Women's Aid deliver in house training and when relevant, volunteers will be able to attend such training. There may be occasional opportunities to attend relevant external training also. Volunteers will be registered onto the OLS system to support language learning.


This placement is open only to female volunteers from the countries indicated - applications from other countries can NOT be considered.. Most of the work will be directly with children so the volunteer should have an interest and enjoyment in engaging with children and should be prepared to be proactive in developing ideas for activities. The volunteer should have good English or be able to improve their language skills quickly so that they can communicate effectively. They must also be able to work within the policies of the organisation, including child protection and confidentiality.

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