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Voluntariado en Alemania – Deporte para la Infancia

“ASC Kinderbewegungshaus” en Götingen, Alemania es una asociación que ofrece actividades de deporte y ocio y tiempo libre saludable diariamente a más que 100 niñxs entre 1 y 6 años. Buscan voluntarixs europexs para un proyecto de 1 año.

duración: 01.08.2022 – 31.07.2023 más info: fecha límite: 01.05.2022


ASC Kinderbewegungshaus is a daycare centre currently providing care for approximately 100 children between the ages of 1 and 6 years. The languages spoken are German and English on account of the Immersion concept employed by the team of English and German speaking staff. Some of the children are from an intercultural background and experience the English language in a child appropriate way thus making learning a new language a positive experience.

ASC Kinderbewegungshaus has its own gym, gymnastic room and garden providing space for stimulating and challenging learning. ASC 46 and the town of Göttingen will offer you the chance to explore a modern sports organisation that takes responsibility of society and you can be part of it. As a volunteer of ASC 46 you are part of a big family of volunteers from different continents and will learn to interact with cultures on a professional and private level.

We regard our volunteers as members of our team. The general responsibilities of the volunteers are: - Assisting to prepare & carry out activities (sports, singing, dancing, handwork…) - supporting the staff in the classroom and during lunch breaks (supervising the children) - household and domestic help in the establishments (mealtimes, sweeping, laundry) - teaching us about their country, traditions & culture

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