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Voluntariado Corto en Eslovenia - Ljubljana Pride Festival

En este voluntariado corto en Liubliana , Eslovenia ayudarás en la organización del Ljubljana Pride Festival con 12 voluntarixs internacionales. Estarás involucrado/a en la preparación, implementación y evaluación de cada aspecto del festival: actividades y eventos, exhibiciones, talleres, conciertos, conferencias y la Pride Parade.

duración: 19.05.2022 - 18.06.2022

más info:

fecha límite: 22.02.2022


You will be involved in the programme of the Pride Parade Festival organised by Ljubljana Pride Association. This means you will be (physically) working together on implementation of different activities and events, from exhibitions, round tables, workshops, concerts, conferences and of course, the annual Pride Parade! You’ll be working closely with our team and the other volunteers to ensure this year's Festival runs smoothly by:

- Before the Festival: preparing the logistics, spaces, technical elements, promoting the activities, visuals, assembling groups and making the plans;

- Once Festival starts: making sure all of the agreed things are happening

- After the festival: cleaning and evaluation of your month here with us! We will make sure to make the work environment safe by following the Covid-19 health regulations. That said, we will be working physically in the office and in the outdoor venues.

About you: You’re sociable, fluent in English, enjoy working in a team and are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone. We are intested to hear why you would like to volunteer with us with a focus on why you are applying to an LGBTIQ+-specific organisation.

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