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SVE en Slovenia - Point and Shoot Multimedia Centro de Juventud Medvode

En el Voluntario Europeo "Point and Shoot", participantes grabarán contenido audiovisual en el Centro de Juventud de Medvode, Eslovenia.

duración: 10-09-2018 hasta 09-03-2019


fecha límite: 04-08-2018


Our organisation has a rich and diverse historical background. It all started in 2008 when representatives of local youth decided to form a youth centre in the town of Medvode. Their idea was based on the need of young locals to have a space for creativity and socialization of the youth. In 2013 Youth Centre Medvode was reorganized and became Public institution for Culture and Youth. Therefore it became responsible for managing several infrastructural objects: youth club Jedro, Cultural Centre Medvode, Birth House of Jakob Aljaž. Javni zavod Sotočje was formed in December 2015 as the former Public Institution for Culture and Youth Medvode united with Public Institution for Sport and Tourism Medvode. The purpose and mission of Javni zavod Sotočje Medvode is to provide the complete set of services for sport, touristic, cultural and youth activities on the local scale. Our values are multiculturalism, gender equality, ethnic diversity, international mobility and co-operation, etc. We want to provide and guarantee the same oppurtunities for local youth and encourage thier participation within our programme. Our main obligation is to provide an independent free space, where the youth can express themselves through cultural, social and sport activities. Our aim is to encourage and support young people for active participation on the local and international level. Our mission is also to enable young people with fewer opportunities to integrate in the environment and activities that we provide.


In Point and Shoot multimedia workshop volunteers will get in touch with recording equipment, audio-video equipment and multimedia programs. They will learn how to record sound and video and how to edit audio-video content. Through the process of creation in multimedia workshop volunteers will raise their knowledge and conquer new skills. With gained experience they will hold audio-video workshop and in the end they will make the final product. Through the whole process of creation mentors will help them exceed their knowledge. Volunteers will also be able to use the infrastructure and gear from Television Medvode, which has been making their own production since 1990 on local scale. Volunteers will also produce a few vlogs peer week after the first week of training in our Centre. In this vlogs, volunteers will show how their implementation in society is going and what they have learned.

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