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SVE en Italia - Finca Educativa La Buona Terra

La cooperación La Buona Terra busca voluntarios europeo para su proyecto en Passignano sul Trasimenao, Itali

duración: 15-10-2018 hasta 15-06-2019


The cooperative manages and hosts activities in “La Buona Terra”, the first educational farm in Italy with over 30 years experience in working with children, teenagers and adults of all ages.

La Buona Terra is based in Passignano sul Trasimeno, near Lake Trasimeno, in the centre of Italy. It offers environmental education for groups of all ages, cooperatives, youth and private groups. Each year it hosts about 10,000 people mainly in spring, summer and autumn. Among these: Amnesty International, different associations (Joint, IDC, Kora, PECO…), summer camps for youngsters from abroad. Some do farm activities, others informal and non formal education activities, others are only given accommodation. The Buona Terra also hosts courses for adults about healthy and conscious nutrition as well as training courses on sustainable development. Finally, the farm is also a residence for horses and all activities related to the ordinary management of the farm. All the activities with plants and animals follow the values of organic farming and the respect of nature and its rhythm.


The volunteers will support the staff members in the following tasks:

  • Environmental sensitisation activities in the youth office of Perugia, the region’s capital

  • Agriculture activities (olive picking, cheese making, taking care of the vegetable garden, of plants and of farm animals…)

  • Educational activities with schools and kids in the farm: guided tours of the farm, workhops with children

  • Creation of shared vegetables gardens in Norcia, one of the towns that was most heavily struck by the 2016 earthquake, and where the Cooperative is collaborating for the project “Europe for Norcia”

  • Logistics (helping in the kitchen, events organisation…)

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