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SVE en Italia - Circo y Centro de Juventud La Fenice

Actualizado: 5 feb 2019

Voluntariado Europeo en Tortona, Italia en la Asociación Juvenil La Fenice, apoyando en actividades circenses y otras actividades en el Centro de Juventud.

duración: 20-02-2019 hasta 20-08-2019



La Fenice was born from the expertise and experiences of young people grown up through YiA projects, volunteering, the national civil service and the Youth Centre OFF. From its birth, La Fenice specifically focused on using and developing non formal education methodologies and on writing and implementing european projects and local projects in collaboration with the high schools of Tortona.

The aim of the organisation is to promote culture, youth participation and non formal education. Some of our specific aims are:

- to promote culture and creativity, as well as spaces for self expression and creation

- to promote the access to knowledge, education and communication tools

- to promote voluntarism as a form of democratic participation, at both the local and global level

- to promote sport as a tool for social inclusion and interaction

- to promote civic responsibility, active citizenship, participation and social cohesion, at both the local and global level, with a particular focus on Europe

- to promote the dialogue between youth and decision makers

- to promote the creation of national and international networks

- to promote youth mobility at both the local and global level, with a particular focus on European projects and exchanges within the framework of Youth in Action program

- to promote non formal and life long learning education

- to promote youth policies and to foster the sharing of good practices and experiences

- to promote child and youth rights

- to promote a sustainable and youth led development and to contribute to the growth of a better society

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