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SVE en Inglaterra - Refugio de MONOS en Cornwall

foto: Wild Futures

¡Oportunidad de hacer un SVE de 2 o 12 meses desde octubre 2018 con Wild Future en The Monkey Sanctuary, un refugio de monos en Cornwall, Inglaterra!

correo de contacto: sve@mojodecana.org

fecha límite: 20-04-2018


Wild Futures is the only UK charity with a holistic approach combining an educational and environmental remit dedicated to promoting the welfare, conservation and survival of our closest living relatives, the non-human primates. We are working to end the primate trade and abuse of primates in captivity, promoting the rehabilitation of captive primates and the preservation of those in the wild, whilst operating a sanctuary for primates in need of a home for life.

Our safe haven for monkeys saved from mistreatment is The Monkey Sanctuary, in Cornwall, UK. We recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary and have provided a home for life and specialist care for more than 160 monkeys over the years. As well as providing a home for life to monkeys in need, we work closely with other charitable organizations to lobby local and central government to try and bring about positive change for primates.


We currently have 15 projects available, 10 x general volunteers (for 2 months) and 5 long term (12 months). Volunteers on longer projects have the opportunity to focus on a specific area of interest, which will then become the focus of their project. Subjects available are: Primate Care x2 Education x 1; Administration x 1, and Site x1

You can only apply for one project.