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SVE en Francia - Asociación Juvenil Association Jeunesse Bellevilloise

Servicio Voluntario Europeo en la Association Jeunesse Bellevilloise de Bellevigny, Francia.

duración: 07-01-2019 hasta 31-12-2019


fecha límite: 15-09-2018


Back in 2010, the Association Jeunesse Bellevilloise created to manage the spare time for kids before/after school and during Public holidays, alongside with some entertainment for the Youths. The association is administered by a board of volunteers and elected members. The town of Bellevigny is based in Vendée (West coast of France) with about 6 000 inhabitants. It is 10 km far away from La Roche sur Yon, with 55 000 inhabitants, The Municipality ‘s Childhood & Youth policy tent to lead the kids and teenagers towards a certain autonomy, developing their sensibility to the citizenship and allowing them to have access to a non-formal training. The Municipality also wishes to open them up to the World, to the European Citizenship and to gain from the cultural diversity and so whatever the age of the person. Your attendance as a volunteer will contribute to our goals. It will allow the fulfilment of the kids and youth of the community, sensitization to the exchanges on culture and language and promote the European mobility. You will work within the association Jeunesse Bellevilloise (AJB ie. Association for the Youth of Belleville) that manages kids after school, Wednesdays and during holidays.


- Help the children/ kids on their daily basis life, play with them, talk with them, help them in their spare time, help them in gaining in self confidence – various tasks (hygiene, meals taking…) - Communicate with the children/ kids/ youngs

- Offer playful activities, creative or cultural ones in relation with his/her own countries or any other European country - Offer some fun way to get aware of English tongue or other foreign language - Help in organising activities, giving ideas on specific themes - Support the team of professional workers

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