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SVE en Bulgaria - Europa sin Agresión y Violencia

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Haz tu servicio voluntario europeo con la asociación Thist for Life en Sliven, Bulgaria desde septiembre 2018 hasta junio 2019. Thirst for Life es una asociación que utiliza la educación no formal para sensibilizar jóvenes sobre los efectos de agresión en la vida personal y la sociedad.



" Thirst for Life " - Sliven is a non-governmental organization with long experience in working with young people. We have successfully completed dozens of projects with a different thematic focus. Through our work we have helped hundreds of young people, and in informal meetings we have reached thousands . Over the years we have established a strong relationship with a number of institutions in the city with whom we work in partnership. Our team is made up of experts in various fields of informal learning and with a narrow professional orientation.

The name of the project is " Europe without aggression and violence " and aims to help children and young people understand the nature of the aggression , what are the damages and consequences of aggressive behavior, how to protect themself from different forms of violence and what are the benefits of life without violence. The main method for achieving these goals is non-formal education.


The main part of the work on the project " Europe without aggression and violence " will include visits to local schools where, through methods of informal education , we give students a chance to gain a different perspective on the world around them, not only related to their lives in Bulgaria but as citizens of the European Union. We will also work with groups of young people from vulnerable groups to help them better realize themselves as individuals and

members of European society.

The organization’s team you will work with consists of 3 members . Everyone has their specific

responsibilities. The main part of the work will be done with your mentor on the program, who

will always be with you during the work and you will be able to address in case of need, even

outside working hours.

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