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SVE en Bélgica - Centro de Juventud Eupen

Organiza actividades con jóvenes en el Servicio Voluntario Europeo del Centro de Juventud de Eupen, Bélgica.

duración: septiembre 2018 hasta julio 2019


fecha límite: 01-09-2018


The volunteer will work in a youth center. He ensures the opening hours of the youth center with the youth worker. He will sustain the youth worker in his daily work: discuss with young people, make activities with them, cook once or twice the week a meal with them, make some prevention compaign, ... The opening hours take place in the afternoon and evening. But he can also initiate a project with young people in view of his talents : rap projects, outdoor activity, cooking contest,... The project will enrich the intercultural competences of the volunteer because lot of young people in the youth center have different cultural backgrounds. He also take part twice the week in a conversation language course to learn German or French because the youth center is situated in the small German speaking part of Belgium, where most of the people are bilingual. So the volunteer make choose the language he wants to learn.

The youth center is situated in the German speaking part of Belgium. This is a small part of Belgium. It's a border region. It is 15 km from Germany and 40 km from Netherland, 60 km from Luxemburg. It is close to somme greater cities (Liège, Bruxelles, Aachen, Köln, Maastricht,...) , but Eupen itself is a little city in a rural environment near by the most beautiful natural reserve of Belgium.

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