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SVE en Austria - Lucha contra La Pobreza con Armutsmigration

Voluntariado Europeo en Linz, Austria en asociación Armutsmigration que apoya a personas sin techo y viviendo en pobreza.

duración: 05-01-2019 hasta 31-12-2019

fecha límite: 15-11-2018


Armutsmigration – migration out of poverty - offers 1 placement for European volunteers. This department offers different engagement possibilities: at the first contact point, which is a counselling service for homeless EU-citizens, at help-mobil which offers primary health care for homeless people and at the Krisenwohnen which is a shorttime accommodation for families and singles.

As we want to learn from young people, the volunteers will be part of the team. The volunteers with their ideas, abilities and creativity will support the social workers in their daily activities with providing food and drinks to our clients, distributing clothes and helping the doctor and taking care of children during appointments. Furthermore, our clients will benefit from talking, playing, organizing additional offers like spare time activities and from helping them with their appointments and searching flats and work.

The volunteer will get an insight into our social system, into our organization, into poverty and what it means and how policy in Austria handle it. Cultural exchange will bring benefits for everyone - the clients, the volunteers and the hosting department. As there are also a lot of Austrian volunteers and staff members, the volunteer can easily get in touch with Austrian youths, customs, mentality and language. Thus, intercultural learning and communication shall be the aim for both, the volunteer and the host organization!

Volunteers in our organization get support from the local contact person, are covered by insurance, take part at team meetings, are invited to events and get free further education. It is usual to offer a good appreciation and celebration culture.

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