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SVE en Austria - ClickIn Centro de Juventud

"ClickIn", el centro de juventud de Gratwein, Austria, busca voluntarios europeos para un sve desde marzo 2019 hasta agosto 2019.


fecha límite: 31-08-2018


ClickIn is a youth center working in three villages called Gratwein, Judendorf/Strassengel and Frohnleiten. The Volunteer will be active in the youth centre in Gratwein, which is situated about 10 km in the north of Graz. It´s opened for 5 days/week in the afternoon and children and youngsters use it for spending their free time there, for planning and enjoying different activities there and just for meeting other young people. The volunteer will live in the city of Graz.

Main target group are youngsters between 11 and 18 years old, most of them are going to school and are living in one of those two villages. So our youth center tries to give a nice possibility to young people in this villages to spend their free time there, to enjoy a lot of different activities and to meet new friends and other young people there. Young people come to the youth center in the afternoon, enjoy activities like billards, darts, play station, table soccer, use internet there and moreover they enjoy the social contacts they expect in this youth center to discuss f.e. the daily life and ask for help. Furthermore we also organize different youth events in Gratwein or Judendorf, start projects about typical youth topics and organize also summer weeks and summer activities especially for families, children and youngsters. Each year in July, ClickIn is organizing the so called "Social Soccer Cup", a big International Event where the volunteer is involved in many multicultural activities. Also activities with youth organisations from foreign countries and projects with young and old people are part of our work. Most of them have a creative, sporting or simply fun background.

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