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Oferta de voluntariado en Polonia - Akwedukt Association

Actualizado: 20 may 2020

La asociación Akwedukt busca voluntarixs para su programa CES de 12 meses en la ciudad de Kwidzyn en Polonia. Lxs voluntarixs trabajarán con niños y adolescentes con diversidad funcional organizando actividades educativas, clases de idioma, ayudando en campos de verano/invierno, etc.

duración: sep/oct/nov 2020 hasta sep/oct/nov 2021

fecha límite: 25-05-2020


The main missions for the volunteer will be:

1. Educational and pedagogical activities plus promoting non-formal education methods,

2. European cultural openness and various forms of cultural education,

3. Joint project with the 16 volunteers in the 8 different hosting places.

The volunteer will take part in evening gatherings with the students and locals. From time to time, the volunteer will have the opportunity to work in associated schools,kindergartens and local institutions with the other ESC volunteers in order to build common projects and

events. The association Akwedukt is looking for motivated candidates with a proactive, creative and problem-solving attitude, a creative persons who enjoys speaking in front of a

crowd and who is motivated to develop events and activities that strengthen the integration between polish and international students, kids, youngsters. Ready to work with people of different age. Much of the work a volunteer will be doing is to encourage young people to participate in civic life as well as to develop their personality and European identity.

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