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"Young People in Defense of Amazigh Heritage"

Gran Canaria, Spain 17th-28th July 2023

The Institute for the Joint Management of World Heritage and the Biosphere Reserve of Gran Canaria is pleased to invite young students of Amazigh´s roots (preferable) to participate in an international campus that will take place at the World Heritage Site on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain, in order to strengthen intercultural bonds between countries with Amazigh´s cultural roots and influences as well as to promote intercultural values such as education for peace, tolerance, equality and respect for the environment.


The Cultural Landscape of Risco Caído and the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria was inscribed in the World Heritage List in 2019, for representing the westernmost sample of the Amazigh Culture Heritage. It is also the only insular representative sample of this Heritage in which living demonstrations of the Amazigh Culture persist (that arrived with first inhabitants of the islands) such as handmade pottery, transhumance, archaeological artefacts under study, troglodyte culture, unique agricultural practices (such as terraced farming) or water collection, transport and storage systems, among others. The impressive archaeological sites, sanctuaries and astronomical temples evoke a knowledge that has its roots in the places of birth or origin of the people participating in this campus (the volunteers). The Cultural Landscape of Risco Caído and the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria offers a great opportunity to carry out this international campus (with local participation) aiming to get to a common approach and to promote the inheritance of that ancestral culture that is still alive in North Africa and present in the Canary Islands.

Main goals:

  • To contribute to the enhancement of the cultural heritage associated with the Amazigh culture and particularly, make visible the importance of the related Sites inscribed on the World Heritage List and on the Tentative Lists.To promote (among young people) the values of World Heritage as bearers of cultural values and knowledge present in World Heritage Sites that, yet associated with the Amazigh Culture, are still little visible.

  • To establish the basis for a long-lasting cultural exchange and cooperation between the Gran Canaria Site and other North African Sites representatives of the Amazigh Culture.

  • The youth themselves can provide an excellent way for the promotion of their own values and sense of community beyond time and borders. The camp offers a unique opportunity helping to identify and recognize a heritage made of common roots between local and North African youth.

Participation requirements:

  • Fees: There are no participation costs.

  • Participants will cover their flight tickets, visas and medical insurance (in the case not having The European Health Insurance Card) including repatriation coverage.

  • The campus covers the participants' accommodation, meals, internal displacements (in the island) and materials necessary for the correct development of the campus from the moment of their arrival on the island of Gran Canaria.

  • Campus organization will cover exclusively the expenses above during the official program (days 1 to 10) schedules and activities, extra days or stays in the island must be under participants responsibility.

Participant´s profile:

  • Place of born or residence in Amazigh Culture related countries (desirable but not obligatory).

  • Young people: 18-35.

  • Students in their last year of their bachelor's degree, students of master or PhD.

  • Fields of study/ research:

    • Linguistic studies

    • Anthropology/sociology

    • History/Prehistory

    • Archaeology

    • Cultural management

    • Environmental management

  • Fluent (oral communication): French, English or Spanish.

  • Imazighen languages or diallects skills (will be considered as valuable.

More info and application throw:

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