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Education it's creation - Voluntariado en Vilnius, Lituania


NGO Melkys school busca por un(a) voluntario/a para que apoye en las actividades de la escuela.

Duración: 45 week(s) during the period 01/09/2019 to 30/06/2020

Fecha límite: 25/06/2019


The aim of the project is to inspire young people to think critically about the problems of education system through getting specific knowledge about alternative teaching methods, outdoor education and being a part of ECO-community and its education center.


· assisting in the community kindergarten with kids: playing, organizing educational activities, suggesting daily topics, helping in the trips, nature activities and etc.

· volunteers learn about outdoor, humanistic education methods, children psychology, ensuring safety methods outside;

· volunteers are invited to implement their own ideas and projects: participate in EcoEducations creation process for kids and community;

· volunteers participate and assist in eco-initiatives, social actions and events, festivals for children and educators, community festivals;

· Volunteers will have a possibility to do internships in other community's kindergarten.


· Monthly allowance 230 Eur;

· transportation money reimbursed additionally;

· personal room in the shared apartment with other volunteers in Vilnius;

· transportation from living place to Melkys school will be organized

· its around 20 km from city center and reachable by public bus in half an hour, or usually volunteers are going together with teachers by car.


· on-arrival;

· mid-term;

· opportunity to visit other alternative schools, kindergartens in big and small different cities.


· Volunteer must be interested in:

· nature-friendly related topics and activities;

· eco-lifestyle and initiatives; - alternative educations;

· community life;

· teaching young kids and communication with them.

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