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Concurso de Fotos #MySocialEurope

El concurso fotográfico #MySocialEurope está abierto a jóvenes de 18 a 30 años que viven en la UE. Hasta el 4 de marzo de 2019, tendrán la oportunidad de mostrar "¿Cómo debería ser el futuro de la Europa social?" a través de sus lentes creativos. Entre los premios se encuentran Bonos InterRail, cámaras y altavoces.

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#MySocialEurope photo competition is open to young people aged 18-30 and living in the EU. Until 4 March 2019, they will have the opportunity to show ‘How should the Future of social Europe look like?’ through their creative lens.

Three winners will be invited to take part in the Young Citizens’ Dialogue event in Sibiu on 8 May and win an InterRail pass to travel in Europe.

The Young Citizens’ Dialogue event in Sibiu will bring together 300 young Europeans to discuss the Future of Europe with Commissioner Marianne Thyssen. During the event, the best 15 photos from this photo contest, including the 3 winning ones, will feature in an exhibition organised by the Commission.

The 12 remaining winning photographers will receive a Fujifilm Instax camera (Mini 90 neo classic), a case and a pack of instax films. The 35 lucky runners-up will take home a Bluetooth speaker. 

#MySocialEurope competition aims to:

promote social Europe and social rights among young peopleincrease engagement concerning social Europe and social rights through their creativityraise awareness about social Europe and the European Pillar of Social Rights among the general public, but also key stakeholdersengage young people in EU topics, ahead of the 2019 European elections.

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