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Voluntariado solidario en Reino Unido - diseño gráfico


Se busca voluntari@ interesad@ en apoyar las campañas online de la entidad ASH Wales, junto al equipo de comunicación.

Duración: 01/09/2019 to 31/07/2020

Fecha límite: 15/04/2019



ASH Wales is looking for a volunteer who is interested in working with an established communications team to develop their graphic design skills. The main tasks will be the creation of artworks and promotional material in both print and digital form to support the charitable activities of the organisation. The volunteer will also be involved with web design and marketing.


The volunteers will live centrally in Cardiff with other ESC volunteers in a shared house. Each person will have their own bedroom and will share kitchen, bathroom and living room. An amount of approximately £255 will be paid once a month for food, pocket money and internet.


Open to all young people aged 18 – 30 living in one of the 28 EU member countries, regardless of background, competences and experience. Volunteers ideally will:

● Have experienced work with and/ or have an interest in graphic design, communication, social media and promotion

● Have a good level of English and a commitment to improving their English (to be able to get the most from the placement)

● Be flexible and adaptable to change

● Be reliable

● Have a willingness to develop projects and pieces of work according to interests.

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