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Voluntariado Europeo en Portugal - Solidaridad y Participación Social

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¡MOJU - Associação Movimento Juvenil de Olhão, Portugal está buscando 4 voluntarios/-as para empezar un voluntariado largo en noviembre!

duración: 01.11.2019 hasta 31.10.2020

más información:

fecha límite: 15-10-2019


MOJU - Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão is looking for 4 volunteers! VESSEL - Volunteering as an Engine for Solidarity, Social Engagement and Learning opportunities is an international volunteering activity with four volunteers from different European Union countries. The volunteering service start's from November 2019 and goes to a maximum period of 12 months. The international volunteers will be placed in the Southern Portuguese city of Olhão, where they´ll have the opportunity to experience a totally different culture and way of living, to learn and experience new things, and to use the knowledge and experience gained in their countries so that they can act as a liaison between partner organizations. The volunteers will be involved in the activities and projects developed by the Hosting Organisation and will be encouraged to develop and implement their own projects/ ideas. At the moment, we have 3 different spaces based inside of neighbourhoods, where volunteers will be working with teenagers.

Volunteer profile:

We are looking for 4 volunteers from European Union countries. There are no preferences regarding gender, age or study areas. However, a special concern is taken on the analysis of volunteers’ expressed interest in working with children and young people with fewer opportunities and at risk of exclusion, since these will be the main goal of the proposed activities. The fact that the volunteer has some experience linked with youth associations is seen as positive for the development of the activities/projects, but it will not be an exclusion point for the decision

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