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Voluntariado Europeo en Italia - desarrollo y educación internacional


La ONG “Guardavanti” de Somma Lombardo en Italia busca voluntari@s que estan interesad@s en el desarrollo sostenible y en apoyar a las actividades con jóvenes, ya que desarrollarán talleres sobre educación intercultural y ciudadanía global con ell@s.

duración: empieza entre julio/agosto 2019, 12 meses

fecha límite: 05/07/2019


Project description

The association GuardAvanti: per il futuro dei bambini is a non-profit organization, founded in 2011, involved in the international cooperation field, promoting the integration of cultures, a constructive coexistence in solidarity and a more equal and sustainable future.

The core for Guardavanti is the will to go beyond the categories of “rich” and “poor”: the association operates

both in developing and developed countries, supporting projects around fair trade, economic self development

and emancipation from poverty. A continuous exchange of knowledge and experiences between the association and partners in Italy and in the South of the world, allows that the projects, from concept to implementation and conclusion, are a fruitful result of a mutual learning process. The association, based on the encounter of believers and non-believers of

different nationalities, is free from political, ethnical and religious bonds.

In Italy, GuardAvanti is active on global citizenship education in all levels of schools and:

• supports international campaigns,

• manages sponsorship,

• organizes fundraising campaigns

• does social media communication


The ESC volunteers could be involved, depending on

the wishes, attitudes and needs of everyone, in the following activities:

1) Intercultural activities in Italy;

a) Interactive workshops in schools in the provinces of Varese, Milan

and Pavia

b) Activities in town - collaboration with locals to organize activities for the integration of different ethnical communities living in the area

2) Organization of activities designed by volunteers

3) Organization of events to promote the activities of the association.

4) Organization of the Xmas Campaign

5) Management of the GuardAvanti website and social networks:

a) Translation of the association's new website

b) Publication of the articles on the social networks of the association

6) Management of projects in developing countries

Volunteer Profile

We are looking for 2 volunteers from EU Countries (no visa budget), who are:

- aged between 18 and 30

- motivated to work with children

- creative, proactive and flexible

- able to work in a team

- willing to learn new language and new cultures

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