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Voluntariado Europeo en Italia - Asociación Educativa para jóvenes, adultos y mayores

Voluntariado Europeo en el "Centro Italiano Femminile" de Vicopisano, Italia apoyando en proyectos educativos para cada edad.

duración: febrero 2019 hasta noviembre 2019



The Italian Female’s Centre (CIF) of Vicopisano is a voluntary organization enrolled in regional register and credited by Tuscany Region as a Training Agency. CIF is a national organization with sections in 90 provinces and 500 municipalities in Italy. It is structured in city, province, regional and national CIF. Each CIF is autonomous and, at the same time, follow national general guidelines. CIF Vicopisano has organized afterschool activities for young people, formal and non-formal educational activities for adults and the elderly, meetings with experts and seminars as well as socializing activities for all ages, for over 20 years also thank to the contribution of Italian Civil Service volunteers. It is made of volunteers, 20 of whom are active in the weekly activity management, and represents a fundamental reference point in Vicopisano.

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