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Voluntariado Europeo en Chipre - Inclusión Social y Solidaridad


Voluntariado Europeo en Nicosia, Chipre con “Youth for Exchange and Understanding” promoviendo inclusión social, solidaridad y voluntariado.

Duración: 01/05/2019 to 30/04/2020

Fecha límite: 15/03/2019


Descripción del Proyecto

The project aims to encourage young people to believe in themselves and improve their artistic and interpersonal skills by exploring, interacting, experiencing and recording the traditions and the culture of Cyprus. By organizing different events for the society, engaging in solidarity activities and promoting volunteerism, we expect to make young people more active as citizens. The project will ensure the promotion of social inclusion and equal opportunities. Our long-term goal is to involve volunteers in public activities and events with the purpose to rekindle the interest of young Cypriots in the rich and multidimensional cultural heritage of the island. Through the organisation of variety of events, volunteers will have the opportunity of assisting the coordinating team and gain through this experience useful organizational and social skills.

Perfil de lxs voluntarixs

The volunteer should be motivated to learn new things and work and interact with people from different cultures. Preferably be over 20 years old and open-minded towards multiple working methods. The basic level of English is required. Even if is not a strict prerequisite, it would be preferable for the volunteers to have an artistic or cultural background. No educational background or relevant experience needed and volunteers will be chosen regardless of their ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation or political opinion and we will ensure that there is a gender balance.

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