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Voluntariado Europeo en Alemania - segunda oportunidad a los jóvenes sin graduarse

Fuente: https://www.parkhotelleipzig.de/leipzig/

Se bucan voluntari@s para el proyecto "Lebenshof" que tiene el objetivo de dar una segunda oportunidad a los jóvenes sin graduarse y con formación profesional.

duración: 01/04/2020 to 31/12/2020

fecha límite: 30/05/2019

contacto: sve@mojodecana.org


The project „Lebenshof“ has the goal to give a second chance to young people without graduation and professional training and was founded by Christian people. Our offer is a combination of school and practical training called “Produktionsschule” The young people have the opportunity to get the graduation and also to work in the different workshops In the project “Lebenshof” about twenty young people can find a new perspective on their lives after leaving school early or other personal difficulties. Especially the possibility to get a school-leaving certificate in one or two years motivates youngsters to participate in the project. In addition to the theoretical lessons practical knowledge in the fields of ceramics work shop, woodworking shop, garden and kitchen can be are acquired.

Tasks of the volunteer:

- Support and guidance for young people in the workshops

- Participation in the monthly training days for youths

- Personal support for the adolescents with learning difficulties


The volunteer will live in a shared flat with other international volunteers in Görlitz. Weekly lunch is provided in the project. A bike is available or a ticket for bus from Görlitz to Ludwigsdorf.


German language course, intercultural training


- interest in the work with disadvantaged young people

- able to work practical with wood or clay

- open-minded for Christian values

- basic knowledge of German is an advantage

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