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Voluntariado Europeo en Alemania - Deporte con Niñxs y Jóvenes

Voluntariado Europeo con "Schulplatz 1" en Potsdam, Alemania ofreciendo actividades de deporte y ocio saludable a niñxs y jóvenes.

duración: 05-05-2019 hasta 04-05-2020


fecha límite: 06-01-2019


The volunteer will be integrated in the "on the move and health oriented" program of the after school care center by supporting the pedagogues in their daily activities. Sport, movement and healthy lifestyle are the key words in the daily work at the after school care center. For this reason, the "on the move" education has the highest priority as a pedagogical basic principle. Volunteer will help pedagogues with on the move exercises, communicate with children and lead them to the better consciousness for the health. Also, volunteer will have opportunity to organize his own projects, e.g. about his own country, culture, traditions.

Possible main fields of activity:

- support by the independent learning of children

- accompanying children from the school and in their daily activities

- support by the fulfillment of homeworks

- cooking together with children healthy food

- support by the planning and implementation of activities, e.g. Easter, autumn festival, Christmas event.

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