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Voluntariado en Suecia - Casa de la Juventud Trandö

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La municipalidad de Borås en Suecia busca voluntarixs para ayudar en actividades de ocio y tiempo libre en las casas de la juventud Trandö y Hässlehuset.

duración: 01.02.2020 hasta 01.02.2021

fecha límite: 01.11.2019

TRANDÖ YOUTH CENTRE: Your project mission will be to, alongside experienced staff, involve yourself in after school activities for young people aged 10-18 years old. This could mean coming up with new activities in areas such as sports, culture, handcraft etc. Your main role will be to function as a coach to guide young people to implement their own ideas and projects.

HÄSSLEHUSET Hässlehuset is an activity house located in a neighbourhood of Borås open to all ages, from children to adults. It contains a library, a café, some rooms for after school activities and the local culture school (dancing, singing, playing instruments, arts and crafts). In the house you will find activities such as citizen service, language café, homework help and activities for youth. The volunteers will have the mission of promoting ESC and Erasmus+ to young people in Borås through organising events and activities, visiting schools and writing on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr).

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