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Voluntariado en Reims, Francia - la educación no formal en la escuela secundaria


Se buscan los/las voluntarios/as para trabajar en la escuela secundaria donde trabajarán en la educación no formal con los niños de la edad entre 11 y 15.

Fecha límite: 21/08/2019

Duración: 01/10/2019 to 27/06/2020


Collège "Université" is a public intermediate school for children between 11 and 15 years old. They provide regular education for 554 pupils. They also provide specific education for children who have special needs. The College is located in Reims, a city of 220 000 inhabitants. By hosting a European volunteer Collège "Université" aims to educate and aware the pupils to European diversity. Most of the pupils in the area do not have the possibility to meet Europeans. Through this project, it is also an education to “alterity”. The volunteer will take part in three kind of activities: - European projects of the school. - Bringing a European dimension to the non-formal educative projects of the school (education to media, gender and equality, bullying) - European projects in link with the activities of the Regional youth information Center which is the coordinating organisation. The volunteer will do a part of his activities in another College in Epernay.


The volunteer will live in a shared appartment in the school. The appartment will be shared with a language assistant and will be furnished. The volunteer will receive money to cover food and local transport in addition of the pocket money. The money to cover the transport to Epernay will be included in this fixed amount.


The volunteer should be interested in education and pedagogy and ready to lead activities with pupils from 11 to 15 y.o. The volunteer should like learning French and do activities in French (some bases could be useful) The volunteer should be dynamic, positive and communicative person.

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