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Voluntariado en Noruega - Centro de Juventud en el Círculo Polar

"Vevelstad Frivilligsentrala" organiza un voluntariado de un año en Vevelstad, Noruega. Ayudarás en el Consejo de Juventud, actividades para mayores, actividades medioambientales para los ciudadanos y mucho más.

duración: 01.08.2022 - 31.07.2023

más info:

fecha límite: 25.02.2022


Vevelstad Frivilligsentrala is a voluntary central in the municipality of Vevelstad (500 inhabitants) in Nordland county in Norway, established in 2012. Since then they have built up a good organization which is well known in Vevelstad and the region. The voluntary central is driven by one daily leader in full time job. It is an independent public body, financed and owned by the municipality, working non-profit and with non-municipal tasks.

Vevelstad Frivilligsentrala has a good cooperation with the staff at town hall to give the best service possible for the public.

Around 12 volunteers are working with and for them with different permanent social activities during the year.

The main goal will be working with and for the locals in all ages. Organize activities indoors and outdoors. Support the local youth council in their political work and environmental projects. You will also be working with and for the elderly. They can offer a wide range of possibilities for personal growth! Learn the Norwegian language and the way of living in one of Norway’s smallest municipalities located way up north.

The perfect profile is open minded and positive people, who are willing to share from their own hobby's, passions and experiences in music, film/photography, arts, dance, theater, cooking, sports etc. Also people who enjoy wild nature and have no problems with sometimes harsh weather-conditions.

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