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Voluntariado en Italia - Centro Cultural para Jóvenes

El voluntariado "MusiCultura" en Acireale, Italia organizado por la asociación sociocultural "Elios" te ofrece la oportunidad de formar parte del equipo del Centro Cultural para Jóvenes. En este voluntariado apoyarás en actividades que usan música y cultura para fomentar la inclusión social y combatir la xenofobia.

duración: 01.03.2022 - 30.10.2022

más info:

fecha límite: 31.01.2022


The project "MusiCultura: promote music and culture as tools for inclusion" was born within the framework of this collaboration and from the analysis of our social context; the project has as its general objective the sensitization of volunteers, young users of the structure and young people in the local community, about the value of socialization, social inclusion and peer learning without barriers and distinctions through culture, art and music. The project aims to respond to the need identified in the area to offer a multi-dimensional space for young people in the local community, a space managed by young people for young people where they can develop their artistic and cultural skills and at the same time cultivate a sense of community, something that is increasingly disappearing in recent years. Volunteers, moreover, will be directly involved in the process of organizing all internal and external activities in the frame of music promotion.

Elios is searching for volunteers which have a strong motivation to take part in this project, with basic competences in Music (i.e. playing instruments, signing, recording music, etc.) and Video Making . Applicants should have a strong spirit of initiative and who want to bet on four months of activities focusing on dialogue and raising awareness among local young people. Experiences in social media management, graphic design and web promotion are welcome.

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