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Voluntariado en Italia - Asociación juvenil la Fenice

La asociación cultural la Fenice está buscando voluntarixs que van a ayudarles en su sede general a luchar por los derechos de todxs de explicarse en una manera creativa y cooperativa, promoviendo solidaridad y aumentando participación ciudadana en los proyectos europeos al mismo tiempo.

duración: 01.04.2020 - 01.07.2020


The volunteers will play an active role in the everyday activities of the organization; they will fully cooperate and support the staff and the national volunteers normally acting in the youth centre. They will develop life skills such as listening, communication and capacity to relate to others with an intercultural approach, empathy, availability to be active and get involved. Part of the activities will be the organization of different workshops like artistic ones (music, hip-hop, poetry, graffiti), language workshops and culture and activities for young people on topics like inclusion, gender equality, tolerance, participation and active citizenship.In particular they will develop specific activities for schools about the topic of the European Identity, implementing laboratories and group activities to increase in young people the awareness of the European values, of the Erasmus+ Programme and of ESC Programme.

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