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Voluntariado en Grecia - Outdoor y Deporte con Jóvenes

Wheeling2help es una asociación sin fines de lucro ubicada en Raches, Grecia. Se dedica a inspirar a los jóvenes a ser voluntarios a través de acciones sociales, medioambientales y deportivas en Grecia y en el extranjero. Buscan voluntarixs europexs para un proyecto de 6 meses.

duración: 01.05.2022 - 30.09.2022

más info:

fecha límite: 01.04.2022


Wheeling2help is a non-for-profit organization situated in Raches, Greece. It is an initiative with the aim of inspiring and initiate young people to volunteer through social actions in Greece and abroad. The main areas that we work are environment, sports, education and social entrepreneurship. We aim to enhance collaboration, equality, empathy, positive energy and kindness between all the human beings so that we can all live in agreement with nature. The main tasks of the volunteer working with the outdoor & sports activities, will be:

➔ Promoting healthy lifestyle to the locals.

➔ Participate in our activities of hiking, cycling, running, swimming and kayaking.

➔ Assist in sport activities offered in regional clubs such as kite surfing, sailing, etc.

➔ Maintenance of the sports equipment of the organization.

➔ Participate and assist in big sport events that Wheeling2help organizes.

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