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Voluntariado en Bulgaria - Educación No Formal con Jóvenes en Riesgo

La "National Association of Resource Teachers Bulgaria (NART)" busca a voluntarixs internacionales para apoyar en los proyectos de educación no formal para jóvenes en riesgo de exclusión social. Ayudarás en actividades para mejorar los habilidades sociales de jóvenes locales y para mejorar su situación laboral.

duración: 01.04.2022 - 30.09.2022

fecha límite: 10.02.2022

más info:


The National Association of Resource Teachers Bulgaria (NART) is a national NGO for professionals working for full and functional integration, inclusion and education of children with different abilities and needs in the mainstream schools. NART’s Mission in Bulgaria is to promote continuous improvement of the quality of education and social services in support of the integration and inclusion of all children. They have regional offices in the 28 districts of the country and over 1100 current members, and work in collaboration with local authorities, representatives of parents’ associations, other non-government organisations, educational and training institutes and universities.

The main objective of the project is the formation of knowledge and skills to support youth employment and motivation for professional realization of young people from minorities and young people at risk of dropping out of school. The aim is to create opportunities for volunteers from different countries to carry out informal trainings and to engage in intercultural dialogue with the young people and thus to contribute to their successful integration into the labor market and to support the development of their social skills. The project activities include implementation of non-formal education and training to support children with special educational needs and students at risk in the school environment and during the summer school of RCSPIE (Sofia), intercultural dialogue and exchange of good practices,office work related to project topics and others.

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