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Voluntariado en Belgica - Fashion - NGO Gigos Genk

Gigos Genk es la organización que trabaja con niñxs y jóvenes que están en riesgo de exclusión social, proponiendoles actividades diarias y organizando ocio y tiempo libre.

Duración: desde 13.01.2020 hasta 04.01.2021

Fecha límite: 02.12.2019

Gigos Genk is an NGO with 5 youth centres located in 5 different places in Genk. All these different organizations work with social disadvantaged children and youngsters between 3 and 25 years old.Organizacion Gigos Genk offers daily activities to increase children's and teenager´s confidence, education about drugs/ gambling, how to apply for a job. Next to these activities, they also organize social, artistic, cultural workshops such a street theater, photography, dance, multimedia.

The main objective is to give volunteers the opportunity, through a solid/structured project, to experience how to interact with youngsters who are in a social vulnerable position.

Volunteers work 5 days a week with the children and youngsters. They will have the opportunity to create their own project. In this project the volunteer will mainly work with children/teen girls on the topic of fashion.

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